Serious About Selling? 5 Steps to Make Your Home the Best on the Block

We all aspire to be excellent neighbors. It’s not only about “keeping up with the Joneses” when it comes to selling your house, though. It’s about always outshining them!

You’ll need a plan to differentiate your listing from all the others vying for buyers in your neighborhood if you want to sell your house quickly and for the most money feasible. For serious sellers, we’ve included an overview of our tried-and-true five-step method.

Use these five strategies to stand out from the competition, attract customers, and increase the sale price of your listing!

STEP 1: Present your home’s full potential by staging it:

The typical seller will do the bare minimum to get their house ready for the market, including cleaning, decluttering, fixing any damaged items, and mowing the yard. Although those duties are necessary, buyers of today demand more than simply a clean home and orderly yard. They picture a designer home with cutting-edge finishing when they fantasize about purchasing a new property. Staging your house will enable them to see all of its potential.

One of the biggest trends in real estate is home staging because it is effective. Professionally staged properties spend 73{fb1e1880c459e557ac3ce17ffa2de9d6b992aa91487d45f235782beb8d8c21f0} less time on the market, according to the Real Estate Staging Association.

Then what really is staging? Staging, broadly speaking, is the process of getting your house ready for the market. The objective is to draw attention to your house’s advantages, downplay its shortcomings, and make potential buyers feel at home there. When staging a property, you might shift furniture around to give a space a sense of space or take down thick drapes to make the space seem brighter.

For their property to appeal to the greatest number of potential buyers, some sellers decide to employ a professional home stager with specific training and experience. While employing their agent’s advice, some people may decide to handle it themselves.

To put your home ahead of the competition in your community, we can assist you in determining the proper spending plan and level of effort. The good news is that staging pays for itself. 85{fb1e1880c459e557ac3ce17ffa2de9d6b992aa91487d45f235782beb8d8c21f0} of staged homes sold for 6-25{fb1e1880c459e557ac3ce17ffa2de9d6b992aa91487d45f235782beb8d8c21f0} more than their un-staged neighbors’ homes, according to a 2018 survey.

STEP 2: Attract Buyers with High-Quality Listing Photos:

You only get one chance to make a first impression on potential buyers. And many buyers will look at photos of a listing before deciding whether or not to visit it in person. In fact, 87{fb1e1880c459e557ac3ce17ffa2de9d6b992aa91487d45f235782beb8d8c21f0} of buyers find photos “very useful” in their home search. 3 Low-quality or amateur-looking listing photos may deter buyers from entering your home.

Because good photography is so important in getting your property noticed, we only hire the best local photographers to photograph our listings. When it comes to showcasing your home, we don’t just rely on their photography skills.

We go above and beyond to ensure that your listing photos capture the essence of your home. During the photo shoot, we’re always on hand to assist the photographer in capturing the best angles and lighting, as well as to inform them of any unique or compelling selling features that they should photograph. In the end, the extra effort is worthwhile. In fact, listings with high-quality photography sell 32{fb1e1880c459e557ac3ce17ffa2de9d6b992aa91487d45f235782beb8d8c21f0} faster… and frequently for more money!

STEP 3: Set a reasonable price from the start: 

Even in a strong real estate market, some homes will sit unsold for months. This can be the “kisses of death” in real estate because buyers often assume that there is something wrong with the property when this is not the case.

But, first and foremost, why are those houses still on the market? It’s because they’re frequently overpriced.

Every buyer has a budget. Most will be looking at listings in a specific price range. If your property is overpriced, it will be unable to compete with the other houses they are viewing that are priced correctly. That is, it will sit on the market until you are forced to lower the price.

Alternatively, if you price your home aggressively, it could be among the nicest homes that buyers have seen within their budget. This can result in emotionally attached buyers who are often willing to pay a premium or accept fewer seller concessions. In some markets, this can result in a multiple-offer situation, or bidding war. As a result, you will have more money in your pocket.

We can help you determine the ideal listing price for your home in the current market. Pricing it properly in the beginning is the best way to ensure a fast and profitable sale.

We can assist you in determining the best listing price for your home in the current market. Pricing it correctly at the start is the best way to ensure a quick and profitable sale.

STEP 4: Put on a Good Show at Each Showing:

It’s essential to put on a strong performance at each showing once buyers are motivated enough to arrange a visit.

Making your house accessible to potential buyers—often on short notice—is the first step. A lost chance to sell your house is a missed showing. Busy buyers will just go on to the next listing if you place too many limits on when it may be viewed.

Keeping your house largely show-ready while it’s on the market is part of making it available. Most of us don’t lead picture-perfect lives, and our homes are a reflection of the hectic (and even messy) daily lives of our families. But putting in a little more work to keep your house clean, fragrant, and ready for buyers will help it sell more quickly, allowing you to return to your regular schedule as soon as possible.

STEP 5: Employ a Proven Promotional Strategy:

The majority of agents still promote their properties the same way they did 20 years ago. Place a sign in the yard, list the property on MLS, and hope it sells. However, we are aware that 93{fb1e1880c459e557ac3ce17ffa2de9d6b992aa91487d45f235782beb8d8c21f0} of purchasers look for listings online.

To make sure your listing shows up where buyers are most likely to look, we make investments in the newest technology and training. In order to ensure that your home remains at the top of potential buyers’ minds after listing, our dual-level promotion plan combines pre-launch activities with post-listing activity.

Your home receives the most exposure to potential buyers by utilizing offline channels to interact with neighborhood real estate agents and online and social marketing platforms to connect with customers.


Do you intend to put your house on the market? Gain an advantage over your rivals! For a copy of our House Seller’s Guide, which provides a thorough overview of the home selling procedure, get in touch with us. Alternatively, give us a call to arrange a totally free consultation. We’d be delighted to create a special strategy to optimize your property’s sales potential!