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What Is My Home Worth?

Find out how much your property is really worth! No this is not some lame automated process to pull a number out of the air. We’ll actually research your address, and neighborhood, review the comps for the last 3, 6, and 12 months as well as check other tools not accessible to realtors which are highly accurate in determining the valuation from a lender’s point of view.

So If you’re looking to be harassed and hounded by anyone with a real estate license and want to be a lead sold to others in the guise of a real-time property valuation, please google “Automated home valuation.”

Or if you’re truly looking for an accurate estimate, without having your information plastered all across the internet, then complete the form below. And we will return a true valuation within 24hrs. Usually, the same day if submitted before midday.

Free Home Valuation Tool

Complete the short form below and we’ll send you an estimate of the value of your home based on market condition, market activity, lender valuations, and other factors not typically taken into consideration. Our home valuation estimates are typically within 3% to 5% of the actual value. Forget zEstimate which is completely misleading.