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Why Us?

We know and understand that there are hundreds of options for choosing a real estate brand and brokerage. We also know that many of these same big box brands do not deliver on their end of the deal and often are just looking to see how they maximize your fees with the lure of marketing, training, and technology. Don't be fooled; we’ve been there and have learned quickly what to avoid and what makes business sense for the independent realtor.

Founded on a belief that every human deserves to reach their maximum human potential, we are dedicated to building a family of thriving, empathetic, well-trained, and well-equipped real estate professionals who enjoy abundant and prosperous lives and are the most trusted advisors to the communities they serve.

Our Vision

To respectfully, honestly and ethically put the needs and wants of our clients ahead of anything and everything else. To deliver value with our client's bottom line as our topmost priority. To relentlessly work towards ensuring our clients acheive their desired outcomes, and build a real estate team that strives of doing the right thing by all.

To provide our team members with the support, training, tools, and technology that works, built by a software developer and a mortgage and real estate professional. When you join our team, you are automatically enrolled in an automated marketing platform designed to get you off the ground as fast as possible—no B.S. training, which encourages door-knocking like the old days.

Benefits of Joining Our Team


  1. Setup and optimize Social Media Profiles
  2. Social media content created for you
  3. Video and graphics done for yoo