5 Major Mistakes First Time Home-Buyers Make:

The majority of people have dreams of owning a home and are very clear about what they want and how much they want to spend on a mortgage, but they overlook several crucial factors.

There is fierce competition for homes in this hot market for home buyers, and many are making all-cash offers. But if you are unaware of all the complexities involved in buying a home, you might later come to regret your decision. The top five errors made by first-time homebuyers are listed below.

1.They don’t consider all of their options, for one

Even though investing in a home is frequently the wisest move you can make financially, not everyone can afford to do it. For instance, it might not be wise to buy if you know you’ll only be living in the house for a few years after you’ve allowed for the amortization of closing costs.

2. Costs other than the down payment are not taken into account

Your savings could be wiped out by closing costs, homeowners insurance, maintenance costs, or HOA (Homeowners Association) dues. This would leave you without any cash for emergencies.

3. They do not have a home inspection

A home inspection is not a way to reduce the costs of purchasing a home. The defects that a home inspector may discover far outweigh the cost of a home inspection, and you could save thousands of dollars on future repairs.

4. They fully anticipate that the value of their home will increase

Many homebuyers believe that if they invest their entire life savings in a house and keep it for a few years, the value of their home will rise significantly. The home is one of those assets that isn’t very liquid if you need money quickly, despite the fact that home equity is nice.

5. They do not take the debt-to-income ratio into account before searching for a lender

When assessing your capacity to pay for a home, a lender takes this ratio into account. You might not be accepted if you’ve accumulated too much debt. Show that you have a history of saving and refraining from taking on debt before you apply for a mortgage.

         (Also, before submitting an application to a lender, keep a close eye on your credit score. Even if you have a letter of pre-approval, the loan

          is not guaranteed to go through. If your score significantly changes, you might learn just before the deadline that you are ineligible.)

If you are a first-time or inexperienced home buyer, it is critical that you consult with an expert, such as a reputable realtor, before diving into the home-buying process. Many home buyers today rely on websites and may get a false sense of the true values of homes in the area. A great realtor can give you a reality check on home prices and keep up with changes in current market values and how the various mortgage companies do business!

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